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Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I pay cash on collection?

Spaces bookings require pre-payment to book because of our strict cancellation policy. As owners will have to make special arrangements to setup the space for each booking, we collect all payments in advance via bank transfer or credit card (4% fees apply). If you wish to do cash payment, you may also come down to our office to do so after getting in touch with us via email ( or whatsapp (81680897).

What if I want to cancel or change my booking?

Our cancellation fee for space rentals are 10% of the sum paid (+ credit card fees) if the cancellation is done 72 hours before the booking time/date.

A 50% cancellation fee will apply for last minute cancellations within 72 hours of the booking time/date.

100% cancellation fee for cancellations within 24 hours.

For changes in timing/date/duration of booking, please contact us via email ( or WhatsApp/SMS/Call 81680897 and we will do our best to assist you. 

What if I wish to extend my booking?

If your shoot is expected to overrun, we recommend contacting the space owner as soon as possible to check if an extension would be possible. A cash payment of the hourly rate x no. of extra hours would be collected by the owner, should an extension be possible.

Am I able to book a space overnight?

You may put in an inquiry for the timings that you hope to rent any space for, and our owners will be able to confirm availability. Someone will need to open and close the location so we do not advice starting after 10pm or ending before 7am.

What is the minimum duration that I can rent?

The minimum rental duration for all our spaces is 2 hours.

Why is there a minimum rental duration?

Someone needs to be physically present to open and close the space, and there is quite a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, such as his travelling time. We want to ensure that our space owners receive sufficient compensation for hiring court their space.

Is there any additional fees that I will be required to pay when I'm at the location? (I.e. utilities)

The full payment for hiring the space will be made before you arrive, inclusive of all the items listed on our site, add ons  and utilities. You would not need to pay additional fees upon arrival. Should you extend your booking (refer above for the procedure), additional fees will be charged in cash.

Some of the centres offering spaces rental give much cheaper rates. Why are your rates more expensive?

Every space is unique in terms of its location, amenities, size and capacity. Our prices are set to be extremely competitive and we doubt that you will be able to find similar spaces at such great prices!

Are the rental fees negotiable?

The fees have been set and agreed upon by J Rental Centre and the space owner. You may email us directly at for special requests such as charity events or other non profit shoots, but the final decision will be that of our space owners to make.

How do I know what amenities are included with each space?

Key amenities such as furnishing, lighting and other equipment will be included in the listing. On top of that, you may reference the 360 image to get a good idea of what's in the space before deciding on whether it is suitable for you!

Can I arrive earlier/later than my booked times?

The earliest you may arrive is 15 min before the scheduled slot to facilitate transfer and setup of equipment. Do inform the owner as soon as possible if you will be late and your expected time of arrival. Owners will try their best to accommodate but this is subject to their availability.. Do note that late arrival will not lead to an extension of your booking. 

What additional cost are included in the basic rent?

Do note that for card payment, pre-payment should be done and a 4% service charge will be added on to the total payment due.

Additional equipment, as listed on the website as addons are considered outside the cost of the basic rent.


How will I be paid?

At the end of each month, J Rental Centre will clear the outstanding accounts. In most cases, that would mean paying you the rentals collected, less our fees. However, in unique circumstances that a renter chooses to extend his/her booking and pays cash, we would nett off the amount payable.

This is applicable for cancellation fee as well.

How much does it cost to list my studio?

Listing with us is free until the end of 2018! We are excited to help you share your space, make new friends and earn some pocket money from a space that might otherwise be unused! Simply contact us at to find out more about listing your space.

Are there specific hours which my studio has to be available for rental? Or is it up to my own discretion?

You may state the hours that your studio is available for rent, and we will check on the availability with you every time an inquiry is received!

What if my equipment is damaged?

Should incidents such as damage to property or equipment occur, owners will have to collect a $200 deposit from the renter, document the damages and keep our admin in the loop, to provide assistance should a dispute arise. The Owner should then approach a contractor and/or equipment manufacturer for a quotation to get the property or equipment fixed. Should the cost to replace an item be lower, owners should adopt that fee and bill it to the renter (any amount above the $200 deposit, for smaller amounts, the unused deposit should be returned to the renter after repairs have been completed.)

What if I agree to a booking but I change my mind?

We strongly discourage Owners cancelling the booking as you have given commitment that the space is available for rent. Do let our admin know and we will do our best to find a solution.

Can I list my space on your site if I am currently listing it on my personal website for rent?

We encourage our partners to refer their customers to J Rental Centre so that their site can be another way for potential Renters to find a space that best suits their needs. However, should you prefer to keep your personal website, do let our admin know to prevent confusion in terms of inquiries/bookings!

Can I rent out the space only on weekends?

Yes you may! Besides indicating on the listing, you are free to accept or decline any requests based on the availability of your space!

What kinds of spaces can I list on J Rental Centre?

Any commercial space can be listed on J Rental Centre (Spaces). Most of our listings are currently targeted at media professionals, but meeting/conference rooms, dance studios, auditoriums, outdoor spaces and even office sharing spaces are more than welcome!

I converted one room in my HDB flat into a studio. Can I list it on J Rental Centre?

This would not be possible without the written approval of HDB as we are currently only listing commercial spaces.


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